Franquette is a French pop-up restaurant in East London.
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The old-fashioned expression «  à la bonne franquette » means a simple, informal and franc moment. Through these pop-up dinners, we want to share with you the experience of a family laid-back dinner in France. Franquette focuses on seasonal, local ingredients produced by small farmers and on natural wines.

We will make you travel within the different regions of France, starting with the most emblematic place of all : a Parisian bistrot.

“Le Bistrot Parisien”

For our first theme, we invite you to an authentic and simple restaurant in the French capital to eat classic bistro dishes. Imagine white paper tablecloth, generous plates and casseroles to share on the table, candles everywhere for a cosy atmosphere, the smell of the warm cuisine, the sound of the wine being poured and of your glasses cheering, the laughters among the French tunes, just like if you were invited to a Parisian laid-back dinner with friends.

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The first edition was on Friday 15th March at Hara (Haggerston) and was quite a night!

We are now thinking about the next event…

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